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New Host community!

hello everyone, I've started a new host community hosthost

you can find anything host related in there! Lots of updates of new information, pictures and medias from large variety of clubs.

I mainly post about events and random things from host blogs that I stalk 8D

non-members free access to all posts. open membership to all! members can post anything.

please check hosthost out! welcome all host lovers!

(please delete if not allowed)

Yumehito x Aoi

(no subject)

Me and My friends are visiting Tokyo VERY soon, and we really want to go to a host club.

I persoanlly cant decide which one I would like to go, (although ran is like my all time favourite love of my life host)

And I dont know how they reacte to foreigners, seems that most say no? Is that so?

ALSO, cash wise. expensive right? Anyone been to a host club before, how much did you end up blowing?

so ..

1. Who is your favourite host and if you could go ONE club, where would it be?
2. Can I go being a little british girl with two years of japanese under her belt? hah
3. Will I cry when I recieve the bill?
Dir en grey ☆ Toshiya 「Longing」


yes, it's me again, i'm sorry >w<
I just wanted to ask, if anyone knows, where i can find pictures from Ryoma (beside from the club website and his long long long not updated blog). I search pictures like screencaps from The great happiness space as well as other ones.

Thanks in advance. m(_ _)m
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question about Ryo from AcQua

I was reading Ryo's article on his blog from december 31st


it seems like he got 慢性C型肝炎(Hepatitis C) of course, I used a online translator -_-
is that something going to stop his activities? But I see that he is still working from the host2 daily ranks.
Since I can't fully understand the entry. can someone please clarify what is going on?