selling men's spider

i'm still selling some things from my lovely collection because i need money^^
here are the things i'm selling^^ all made in japan!!! All prices are negotiable^^ tell me if you need some pictures^^


2 Men's Spider vol. 16 and 17 both from last year spring/summer, best condition! just read it once^^ each 20 Euro

Kera dec. 2010 vol. 148 best condition! 15 Euro
DVD's :

Ayabie Tokyo Prayer Tour Final 2005 autographed by all members!!! 40 Euro

Ayabie Toyko Rock Show Tour Final 2006 autographed by all members!!! 40 euro

Ayabie Tour 2007 (sry don't know the name^^) 30 Euro

Baroque Last Live 175 min running time!!! 17 Euro

Distraught overlord Embrace at distraught first one man (my favorite dvd ever<,<) 35 Euro

Wizard Film Wizard Electrical Kama Parade 2007 Tour 20 Euro

CD's :

Alice Nine Alpha Ltd Edition with Photobook and DvD 30 Euro

Ayabie Cubic (L/R)ock Single with Kenzo Photocard and DvD 15 Euro

D'espairsRay BORN Mini Album (very rare!!!) give me an offer if you interested!

LMC Glitter Loud Box Album 15 Euro

High Style Paradox III Compilation Album for european fans from Undercode Productions 13 Euro

12012 Heart Single 8 Euro

12012 Pistol Single 8 Euro

Other Stuff:

12012 CROON AFTER THE BED Postcard Book give me an offer if you interested!

hi minna-san ^_^

I'm new to this group and I was so happy to see there is a community about them because...I LOVE HOSTS and especially these beautiful japanese men :3 ..I was surprised when I saw that this group is ACTUALLY a host club members because I played the game : Last escort: and when I heard the OP song i loved it :D

But please I can't find anywhere to download this single T_T PLEASE can someone send me a link to download the single or the song I like it so much T_T

Host Corner #2 - Host Hair~

This episode centers around Host hairstyles, providing information on where to find examples of it, how to have it cut, and a brief tutorial on how to style Host hair through the use of 'backcombing' techniques.

Hope you guys enjoy it! ^__^


Host Corner #1

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say first of all that it's fantastic to see such an active english speaking Host community prevalent online. Although I haven't posted previously, I have been following this community for sometime now and have always been entertained and appreciative of the amount of material that is always made available.

As such, I have been inspired to make my own contribution to the host community, which I will be doing through weekly video blogs. The idea of my 'Host Corner' segments, is to provide information about various aspects of Host culture. I have a variety of topics I am eager to get into over the next few segments, but would be more than happy to take onboard any suggestions you guys may have.

Thanks very much guys, and please keep promoting Host culture no matter where in the world you may be! ^__^



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Hi everyone! I'm really broke right now so I'm currently selling trying to sell off tons of magazines. I'll be selling all Arena 37 Sepcial(MOST ISSUE INCLUDE ACQUA EP), tons of Jrock, Jpop and other more. Everything going cheap! Go come on in and grab it soon! I keep all the mags in plastic so all of the magazines are in either good or excellent condition. So please check it out :3 Thanks everyone!

Come on in here!
(Beware! Heavy image!)