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~sexy and luxury~ host clubs complete guide
Host Corner #1 
20th-Jul-2009 12:37 am
Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say first of all that it's fantastic to see such an active english speaking Host community prevalent online. Although I haven't posted previously, I have been following this community for sometime now and have always been entertained and appreciative of the amount of material that is always made available.

As such, I have been inspired to make my own contribution to the host community, which I will be doing through weekly video blogs. The idea of my 'Host Corner' segments, is to provide information about various aspects of Host culture. I have a variety of topics I am eager to get into over the next few segments, but would be more than happy to take onboard any suggestions you guys may have.

Thanks very much guys, and please keep promoting Host culture no matter where in the world you may be! ^__^


19th-Jul-2009 03:40 pm (UTC)
Woah! Thats so cool. I'll be waiting for your entries.

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